1. How do I book with you?
    Booking is very simple. * Clear your date with your contact person. * They will send you the agreement/questionnaire fill it out and send it back in. *An invoice will be generated through Paypal for your deposit-pay it and you are set.
  2. After booking what's next?
    We will assist you in choosing photography if you do not have someone but note you do not have to have photography or use someone on this website. Then we will place you on a schedule to which you will be contacted on certain dates to continue the planning.
  3. How do we choose a location ?
    We will work with you to help uncover your vision of location. Whether outside or at a venue space we will assist you in the process by givng you all the information you need to decide.
  4. What if we plan outdoors and it rains?
    Most of our venue spaces have a rain option. But, if planning outdoors in one of the area parks we suggest that you purchase clear bubble umbrella's. We will also clear the backup plan with you as well.
  5. What if the parkway is closed?
    We will assist you in deciding where to move your ceremony. We have some beautiful places that allow us the opportunity to bring couples getting married.
  6. What venues do you work with?
    Please ask for our PDF of venue spaces. We have so many beautiful locations adding daily that we now have all the venues list on a PDF- please ask...
  7. Will we loss our deposit if we reschedule dates?
    No your deposit will simply be transferred to the new date or location if you change locations. If the new location requires more of a travel fee we will let you know.
  8. Can you assist with finding lodging ?
    Yes, we will assist you in finding lodging, make reservations for dinner, book transportation or even book tickets to some of the adventures that the area offers. Example: a beer tour, ziplining, a balloon ride, tickets to the Biltmore Estate.

If you are interested in more details concerning the pricing structures for each package ask us to send you a pdf of the details. Please also note that we are not responsible for obtaining your marriage licenses this can only be done by you. We will however file your license with the state you are married in after the ceremony. 
Also, we are not responsible for any loss of monies that you pay to a vendor, venue or park service we are only responsible for the officiant and planning of your special day but offer excellent resources aiding in the planning of your wedding.